All Natural Canadian
Grown Edamame

MacKellar Farms offers Canada’s first locally grown, 100% all natural edamame. Grown and packaged according to the highest Canadian food safety standards using state of the art vegetable handling technology, our edamame is non-GMO and irresistibly delicious.

High in iron, protein, fibre and all of the essential amino acids, edamame is considered to be one of the world’s top 10 “super foods”. And the best part? It’s easy to prepare and a treat to eat! One of the most in-demand items in the frozen food section of your local grocer, MacKellar Farms proudly distributes premium Canadian grown edamame.

Why offer your customers imported edamame when you can provide them with 100% all natural Canadian edamame? Support the local economy and provide your customers with an alternative to China grown soy. Stock your freezer with family farm grown edamame from MacKellar Farms.