Jacob MacKellar: Canada’s First Edamame Farmer

Posted on September 24, 2014 - Category: News & Articles

Article Posted on Hello Vancity:

MacKellar Farms is a pioneer of the fields, the first producer of 100% naturally grown edamame in Canada (an astounding 99% of edamame is imported from China). Holding itself to the absolute highest standards, the company produces one of the world’s top “super foods” – edamame that is completely GMO-free and wholly owned and operated in Canada.

While many Canadians balk at buying other produce, like apples from China, they don’t give second thought to the origins of their edamame. MacKellar Farms is the alternative – founded on authenticity and the belief that consumers need to be educated on the foods they eat and choices they make.

“We’re a 4th generation Canadian farm that proudly distributes a premium legume from our own backyard,” says Jacob MacKellar, Canada’s ‘Prince Farming’ and owner of MacKellar Farms. “We want consumers to experience food the way it is meant to be enjoyed – pure, natural and free of GMOs. Our family saw an opportunity ripe for the picking, in edamame. With the vast majority of edamame coming from China, we thought – why not replace the imports with something that’s local and Canadian?”

High quality edamame comes from MacKellar Farms, grown by trusted farmers that follow environmentally friendly farming practices. The locally grown vegetable provides consumers with protein, fibre and essential amino acids.

“By choosing us, the 1% of edamame grown locally here in Canada – you’re positively impacting the lives of many,” says MacKellar. “You’re showing support for Canadian family farmers – your neighbours and most importantly, you’re making a smart, healthy choice for yourself and for those who sit around your dinner table.”