Stop Buying Chinese Edamame

Posted on September 29, 2014 - Category: News & Articles

Article Posted on Swallow:

Jacob MacKellar is a farmer from Alvinston, Ontario’s MacKellar Farms. There, Jacob along with his brother, dad and grandfather run a 3,000 acre farm where they grow edamame. Jacob dropped by the other day with some fresh picked edamame and a few bags of frozen. He told me the fresh would probably be the best I’d ever tasted.

After he left I boiled up a pot of water, tossed some pods in and let them boil for 3 minutes. Then I ate them totally naked, the beans, not me, and realized that this is what edamame should taste like. I had some PC Organic Edamame from China in the freezer so I did a little taste test. You can see that the MacKellar Farms pods look greener right out of the bag while the Chinese look a little rougher and paler.